Thomas Purifoy: Husband, Father, Christian Film Maker

Thomas Purifoy is a Christian Film Maker; he’s also a Husband, a Dad, a Vet and a dude just like us!  From a creative writing degree through a stint in the US Navy, and onto producing Apologetic Films he’s seen and done many things.

Today’s Media isn’t what we grew up with.  I’d even venture a guess my parents wouldn’t allow me to watch much prime-time television if I were a kid nowadays.  Is media changing the minds and hearts of today’s youth?  How can fathers make a difference in their homes?  Join us as we chat about our shortcomings, our marriages and our future hope.

Make sure to view Thomas’s latest project!

Is Genesis History

Is Genesis History?   is a fascinating new look at the biblical, historical, and scientific evidence for Creation and the Flood.   Learn from more than a dozen scientists and scholars as they explore the world around us in light of Genesis.

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