Jason Romano: It’s Time To Get In the Game!

Jason Romano had accomplished the American Dream….Wife, Job, House…you name it, he had it all.  Until, he realized that he didn’t, in fact, have it all.  He had a need for a savior and thankfully his brother introduced him to Jesus.

Since that time, Jason has been a changed man, working his way though life and making his mark in the Kingdom.

His most recent assignment has been a surprising move from ESPN to Sports Spectrum.  Jason just launched the Sports Spectrum Podcast and through it, he’s connecting listeners with their favorite sports stars.  But not just any stars, Christian Athletes that are serving in the Kingdom with their platforms.

But this show isn’t about ESPN, Jason or the new job.  It’s about how he lives his life for Jesus as a Husband, Father and Employee.  His story of coming to know the real Superstar is a winner!

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It will end badly…

I’ll admit it-I enjoy watching Professional Football.  While not a Super-fan, you know those that body paint themselves and go shirtless in the snow (I rarely go shirtless in July), I do enjoy watching the game and pulling for ‘my team’.

Now, with the Bowl upon us, there are news stories everywhere trying to catch every angle of the happenings.  It was in that melee I found a story that really broke my heart and spurned me to post, for the first time, in this new blog.

I read about the Championship Winning Quarterback, Tom Brady.  The article touched on all things Brady and even discussed his future in Foxborough.  It was in that article Tom Brady’s future was more than predicted, it was self-declared, and I’m not talking about Foxborough anymore Toto.

When discussing a large glass Menorah in his home Brady stated:

“We’re not Jewish. But I think we’re into everything,” Brady said. “I don’t know what I believe. I think there’s a belief system, I’m just not sure what it is.” from NFL.com

Sadly there is so much patently wrong with that statement.  I could break it down (and may do that at a later date), but assume that the reader of this blog-Modern Christian Men-has a pretty good idea of where I’d wind up.

There is but one Way.  There is but One Truth.  There is but One Life.  All of those were self-declared by Jesus himself in John 14:6.  To live any other way is in direct conflict with Scripture.

Am I beating up on a World Champion Professional Football Player? Not Hardly!  I’m just bringing to light a point that a great deal of us may miss every single day.  There is a world around us, dying from misinformation-or no information at all.  You know what information I’m speaking of…simply, the world Still Needs Jesus.

Is there hope for Brady, your abusive uncle or even your lost son?  Yes times Infinity-there is always Hope-and it’s our Job as Modern Christian Men to share that Hope with those lost and dying without it.

Cale Nelson-

please excuse the mess, the site is almost finished and the podcast is coming soon!