Jared ‘Spanky’ Byers: All Things Made New pt1

I’ve known the Byers Boys since 1987.  Milam (ep 1) was the middle son and Jared, or as he was known back then-Spanky-was the baby.  Like all of us, Jared has faced some tough times as he’s progressed though his journey.

After hearing his brother on Episode 1 of MCM, he let me know he needed to come on the show to talk about how God has been working in his life from the inside out.

Little did I know to what extent Jared had been transformed.  Here’s part 1 of my conversation with Jared as we hear how all things have been made new…


Milam Byers, Growing up a Preachers Kid

Milam Byers

I first met Milam Byers in 1987, he was the middle brother of my new found friend, Josh Byers.  Some called us fast friends, but that would be a huge understatement!  Josh and I soon became staples in each others households.  Life was good and friends were better!

In 1989 their dad, Lloyd, was called to plant a church in Sparks Nevada.  Thankfully our friendships stuck and I’ve kept up with the Byers Boys all these years.  I’m stoked to have Milam headline my first show!

Milam’s entire family has been involved in the ‘Ministry’ for years.
In this show he shares his experiences about growing up a “PK” Preachers Kid, moving, loosing, life struggles and fatherhood.

Like the best laid plans of mice and men, Milam had absolutely no intention of working in the ‘Ministry’ as an adult; his mind was set against it….till he was called!  From rocking the guitar across the globe, shepherding bands on the road, and now connecting sports stars with hungry kids in Jesus name, Milam is ministering around the World!

A dedicated husband and father of almost 4 Milam lives with his family in Nashville, TN.

There’s a great deal more to his story and you can look forward to it in future installments of MCM.

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