Rev. Kenn Blanchard- Life On Target

The first podcast I ever found and listened to was “The Black Man with a Gun” featuring Rev. Kenn Blanchard.  I was immediately hooked!  I’ll go as far to say, if it weren’t for Kenn and his show,  I would probably not be here producing the Modern Christian Men show today.

Kenn’s transparent dealings with failure and rejection made his journey resonate with me, and the celebration of his victories made it evident he was a believer!

He’s one of those guys you know, who gets knocked down, but still gets back up to do it again.  Ever optimistic, even in the toughest of times, Kenn continues to inspire and educate his community of listeners and parishioners.

Join My Brother From Another Mother and I as we chat about living life on target as a Modern Christian Man here in 2017!

You can learn more about Kenn and his work at or find him on Facebook


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Dave Jackson, Living Jesus at Work and Play

I stumbled into podcasting like most everything else- accidentally!  Even with years of FM Radio under my belt, I was still behind the tech curve of Podcasting.  Thank goodness for my Mentor, Dave Jackson!

I found Dave while searching for content from Kenn Blanchard (future show guest and brother from another mother).  Seems there are actually people out there that are interested in helping you begin and grow your podcast-the Right Way!

Over the last few years Dave has become not only a Podcasting Mentor-but a Great Friend.  One of the most humble and transparent guys I know, Dave is a natural teacher and leader.

Join us as we chat about Living our Faith, intentionally.  Not necessarily preaching the corner, but bringing Jesus into every aspect of our personal and public lives.

You can learn more about Dave Jackson at The School of Podcasting