Tim Keesee: Youth Ministry, Parenting, Church and Jesus

Tim Keesee and his family are some of my most favorite people on the planet!  Tim is the Executive Pastor at Faith Life Church in New Albany Ohio. Pastor Tim hails from a family of ministers and serves alongside them at FLC!

In addition to being a leader in the Church, Tim is also a Husband and Father.  As you may imagine our conversation leans heavily on the topic of Family.  We also dig deep into his experiences with youth and men’s ministry.

I’m stoked to share this conversation with you as we talk Youth, Parenting, Church and Jesus on this episode of Modern Christian Men.

Learn more about Faith Life Church at www.faithlifechurch.org

Jared ‘Spanky’ Byers: All Things Made New pt 3

Finishing up my conversation with Jared Byers here in Episode 11 of Modern Christian Men.  We’re talking Millennial’s, Mentoring, and Life on the other side of pain.  If you’ve missed the first two parts, please give them a listen here:

Part 1

Part 2

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Jared ‘Spanky’ Byers: All Things Made New pt1

I’ve known the Byers Boys since 1987.  Milam (ep 1) was the middle son and Jared, or as he was known back then-Spanky-was the baby.  Like all of us, Jared has faced some tough times as he’s progressed though his journey.

After hearing his brother on Episode 1 of MCM, he let me know he needed to come on the show to talk about how God has been working in his life from the inside out.

Little did I know to what extent Jared had been transformed.  Here’s part 1 of my conversation with Jared as we hear how all things have been made new…


Jim Pallwitz: Deliberate Consistency pays off!

Jim Pallwitz is a dedicated husband of 29 years, a father of 2, and a Modern Christian Man.

Jim and I were chatting via Twitter one day when I suggested he come on and share ‘His Story’.  He ran off in the other direction, but through some gentle persuasion here he is to fill us in on ‘being him’.

Join us as we chat about Jesus, marriage, commitment, fatherhood, society and more!

Like Jim, you may think your story isn’t flashy or big enough.  But I like to say you never know how your experiences will affect someone’s perspective and maybe even help them through a situation they are facing.

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Thomas Purifoy: Husband, Father, Christian Film Maker

Thomas Purifoy is a Christian Film Maker; he’s also a Husband, a Dad, a Vet and a dude just like us!  From a creative writing degree through a stint in the US Navy, and onto producing Apologetic Films he’s seen and done many things.

Today’s Media isn’t what we grew up with.  I’d even venture a guess my parents wouldn’t allow me to watch much prime-time television if I were a kid nowadays.  Is media changing the minds and hearts of today’s youth?  How can fathers make a difference in their homes?  Join us as we chat about our shortcomings, our marriages and our future hope.

Make sure to view Thomas’s latest project!

Is Genesis History

Is Genesis History?   is a fascinating new look at the biblical, historical, and scientific evidence for Creation and the Flood.   Learn from more than a dozen scientists and scholars as they explore the world around us in light of Genesis.

Show Notes Links:

Compass Classroom


Aaron Lindsey: The Fireproof Movie in Real-Life!

I met Aaron Lindsey at Podfest a few months ago in Florida and I knew right off he’d be a future guest on my show!  It wasn’t till a few weeks ago that we chatted about his story (you know we all have one) and I was convinced you needed to hear about his family’s journey of broken discontent to re-ignited bliss.

Marriage is hard on it’s on; adding ‘Us’ into the mix further complicates ‘things’ and if we’re not careful-it can unravel right under our noses.  How does a married couple, together for 20 years, completely fall apart?  Better yet-How do they reconcile?  Listen to this episode to hear Aaron & Lori’s amazing story of redemption and restoration!

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Fireproof-the film

Kendrick Brothers

Nickleback Covers ZZTop “SDM”

Every Man’s Marriage – Stephen Arterburn **Aarons must read

Every Man’s Battle -Stephen Arterburn

The 5 Love Languages – Gary Chapman

For Men Only – Shaunti & Jeff Feldhahn **Cale’s must read

Weird News Podcast

Aaron on Twitter @reojames



*please excuse the Skype noise


Jason Romano: It’s Time To Get In the Game!

Jason Romano had accomplished the American Dream….Wife, Job, House…you name it, he had it all.  Until, he realized that he didn’t, in fact, have it all.  He had a need for a savior and thankfully his brother introduced him to Jesus.

Since that time, Jason has been a changed man, working his way though life and making his mark in the Kingdom.

His most recent assignment has been a surprising move from ESPN to Sports Spectrum.  Jason just launched the Sports Spectrum Podcast and through it, he’s connecting listeners with their favorite sports stars.  But not just any stars, Christian Athletes that are serving in the Kingdom with their platforms.

But this show isn’t about ESPN, Jason or the new job.  It’s about how he lives his life for Jesus as a Husband, Father and Employee.  His story of coming to know the real Superstar is a winner!

Sports Spectrum

Jason on Twitter

Jason on Facebook

John Pugliano – Money & Modern Christian Men

I first met John in an Interview for my Ham Radio podcast.  Later we connected in person at a Ham Radio event/tradeshow and I was blown away by his Servant Heart.

John has worn many titles throughout the years; with the Husband/Father tag being his most cherished.  He’s a self made business man who now owns and operates his own management firm.

Additionally he’s the founder and host of the Wealthsteading Podcast  and Author of The Robots are Coming: A Human’s Survival Guide to Profiting in the Age of Automation.

John stops by MCM to help us understand some Biblical Principals regarding money, tithing and family responsibilities.

John also has a really nice beard!


Rev. Kenn Blanchard- Life On Target

The first podcast I ever found and listened to was “The Black Man with a Gun” featuring Rev. Kenn Blanchard.  I was immediately hooked!  I’ll go as far to say, if it weren’t for Kenn and his show,  I would probably not be here producing the Modern Christian Men show today.

Kenn’s transparent dealings with failure and rejection made his journey resonate with me, and the celebration of his victories made it evident he was a believer!

He’s one of those guys you know, who gets knocked down, but still gets back up to do it again.  Ever optimistic, even in the toughest of times, Kenn continues to inspire and educate his community of listeners and parishioners.

Join My Brother From Another Mother and I as we chat about living life on target as a Modern Christian Man here in 2017!

You can learn more about Kenn and his work at www.KennBlanchard.com or find him on Facebook


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