Thomas Purifoy: Husband, Father, Christian Film Maker

Thomas Purifoy is a Christian Film Maker; he’s also a Husband, a Dad, a Vet and a dude just like us!  From a creative writing degree through a stint in the US Navy, and onto producing Apologetic Films he’s seen and done many things.

Today’s Media isn’t what we grew up with.  I’d even venture a guess my parents wouldn’t allow me to watch much prime-time television if I were a kid nowadays.  Is media changing the minds and hearts of today’s youth?  How can fathers make a difference in their homes?  Join us as we chat about our shortcomings, our marriages and our future hope.

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Is Genesis History

Is Genesis History?   is a fascinating new look at the biblical, historical, and scientific evidence for Creation and the Flood.   Learn from more than a dozen scientists and scholars as they explore the world around us in light of Genesis.

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Aaron Lindsey: The Fireproof Movie in Real-Life!

I met Aaron Lindsey at Podfest a few months ago in Florida and I knew right off he’d be a future guest on my show!  It wasn’t till a few weeks ago that we chatted about his story (you know we all have one) and I was convinced you needed to hear about his family’s journey of broken discontent to re-ignited bliss.

Marriage is hard on it’s on; adding ‘Us’ into the mix further complicates ‘things’ and if we’re not careful-it can unravel right under our noses.  How does a married couple, together for 20 years, completely fall apart?  Better yet-How do they reconcile?  Listen to this episode to hear Aaron & Lori’s amazing story of redemption and restoration!

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Fireproof-the film

Kendrick Brothers

Nickleback Covers ZZTop “SDM”

Every Man’s Marriage – Stephen Arterburn **Aarons must read

Every Man’s Battle -Stephen Arterburn

The 5 Love Languages – Gary Chapman

For Men Only – Shaunti & Jeff Feldhahn **Cale’s must read

Weird News Podcast

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Jason Romano: It’s Time To Get In the Game!

Jason Romano had accomplished the American Dream….Wife, Job, House…you name it, he had it all.  Until, he realized that he didn’t, in fact, have it all.  He had a need for a savior and thankfully his brother introduced him to Jesus.

Since that time, Jason has been a changed man, working his way though life and making his mark in the Kingdom.

His most recent assignment has been a surprising move from ESPN to Sports Spectrum.  Jason just launched the Sports Spectrum Podcast and through it, he’s connecting listeners with their favorite sports stars.  But not just any stars, Christian Athletes that are serving in the Kingdom with their platforms.

But this show isn’t about ESPN, Jason or the new job.  It’s about how he lives his life for Jesus as a Husband, Father and Employee.  His story of coming to know the real Superstar is a winner!

Sports Spectrum

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John Pugliano – Money & Modern Christian Men

I first met John in an Interview for my Ham Radio podcast.  Later we connected in person at a Ham Radio event/tradeshow and I was blown away by his Servant Heart.

John has worn many titles throughout the years; with the Husband/Father tag being his most cherished.  He’s a self made business man who now owns and operates his own management firm.

Additionally he’s the founder and host of the Wealthsteading Podcast  and Author of The Robots are Coming: A Human’s Survival Guide to Profiting in the Age of Automation.

John stops by MCM to help us understand some Biblical Principals regarding money, tithing and family responsibilities.

John also has a really nice beard!


Rev. Kenn Blanchard- Life On Target

The first podcast I ever found and listened to was “The Black Man with a Gun” featuring Rev. Kenn Blanchard.  I was immediately hooked!  I’ll go as far to say, if it weren’t for Kenn and his show,  I would probably not be here producing the Modern Christian Men show today.

Kenn’s transparent dealings with failure and rejection made his journey resonate with me, and the celebration of his victories made it evident he was a believer!

He’s one of those guys you know, who gets knocked down, but still gets back up to do it again.  Ever optimistic, even in the toughest of times, Kenn continues to inspire and educate his community of listeners and parishioners.

Join My Brother From Another Mother and I as we chat about living life on target as a Modern Christian Man here in 2017!

You can learn more about Kenn and his work at or find him on Facebook


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Dave Jackson, Living Jesus at Work and Play

I stumbled into podcasting like most everything else- accidentally!  Even with years of FM Radio under my belt, I was still behind the tech curve of Podcasting.  Thank goodness for my Mentor, Dave Jackson!

I found Dave while searching for content from Kenn Blanchard (future show guest and brother from another mother).  Seems there are actually people out there that are interested in helping you begin and grow your podcast-the Right Way!

Over the last few years Dave has become not only a Podcasting Mentor-but a Great Friend.  One of the most humble and transparent guys I know, Dave is a natural teacher and leader.

Join us as we chat about Living our Faith, intentionally.  Not necessarily preaching the corner, but bringing Jesus into every aspect of our personal and public lives.

You can learn more about Dave Jackson at The School of Podcasting

Milam Byers, Growing up a Preachers Kid

Milam Byers

I first met Milam Byers in 1987, he was the middle brother of my new found friend, Josh Byers.  Some called us fast friends, but that would be a huge understatement!  Josh and I soon became staples in each others households.  Life was good and friends were better!

In 1989 their dad, Lloyd, was called to plant a church in Sparks Nevada.  Thankfully our friendships stuck and I’ve kept up with the Byers Boys all these years.  I’m stoked to have Milam headline my first show!

Milam’s entire family has been involved in the ‘Ministry’ for years.
In this show he shares his experiences about growing up a “PK” Preachers Kid, moving, loosing, life struggles and fatherhood.

Like the best laid plans of mice and men, Milam had absolutely no intention of working in the ‘Ministry’ as an adult; his mind was set against it….till he was called!  From rocking the guitar across the globe, shepherding bands on the road, and now connecting sports stars with hungry kids in Jesus name, Milam is ministering around the World!

A dedicated husband and father of almost 4 Milam lives with his family in Nashville, TN.

There’s a great deal more to his story and you can look forward to it in future installments of MCM.

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mentioned in the show:

16 Years and Counting…..

Sixteen Years Ago Today, she said “I Do”.  I can prove it too, I have it on VHS.  I’m pretty sure neither of us knew what we were in for, most especially her.  I’m told that I was a pretty crummy partner for at least the first 5 years.  What do you say to that?  Sorry?

I thought everything was ‘Ok’, little did I know that I really sucked as a new Husband!  How bad?  She was unhappy enough to consider leaving (only to tell me years later).  I had No Idea!  It’s so easy to miss the obvious, when you’re only focusing on yourself.

Men have that problem.  We’re our own worst enemy: Self (ishness). Think about it…it’s the truth, and the worst part is, we’re reluctant to change!  We get comfortable loving ourselves more than anything.  Then we marry and now we’re expected to Love someone else as Christ loved the Church (that he laid down his life for it).  Who knew, I wonder if we sleep through that part of the pre-marriage counsel?

It took me a while, living with a Very persistent wife, who expected me to be the Husband I agreed to be on that Beautiful day in March 1999, to come to my senses.  I’ve still a long way to go/grow, but I think I’m on the right track now.  Sixteen years…wow!

Jesus, Thank you for Love-it Never Fails!


It will end badly…

I’ll admit it-I enjoy watching Professional Football.  While not a Super-fan, you know those that body paint themselves and go shirtless in the snow (I rarely go shirtless in July), I do enjoy watching the game and pulling for ‘my team’.

Now, with the Bowl upon us, there are news stories everywhere trying to catch every angle of the happenings.  It was in that melee I found a story that really broke my heart and spurned me to post, for the first time, in this new blog.

I read about the Championship Winning Quarterback, Tom Brady.  The article touched on all things Brady and even discussed his future in Foxborough.  It was in that article Tom Brady’s future was more than predicted, it was self-declared, and I’m not talking about Foxborough anymore Toto.

When discussing a large glass Menorah in his home Brady stated:

“We’re not Jewish. But I think we’re into everything,” Brady said. “I don’t know what I believe. I think there’s a belief system, I’m just not sure what it is.” from

Sadly there is so much patently wrong with that statement.  I could break it down (and may do that at a later date), but assume that the reader of this blog-Modern Christian Men-has a pretty good idea of where I’d wind up.

There is but one Way.  There is but One Truth.  There is but One Life.  All of those were self-declared by Jesus himself in John 14:6.  To live any other way is in direct conflict with Scripture.

Am I beating up on a World Champion Professional Football Player? Not Hardly!  I’m just bringing to light a point that a great deal of us may miss every single day.  There is a world around us, dying from misinformation-or no information at all.  You know what information I’m speaking of…simply, the world Still Needs Jesus.

Is there hope for Brady, your abusive uncle or even your lost son?  Yes times Infinity-there is always Hope-and it’s our Job as Modern Christian Men to share that Hope with those lost and dying without it.

Cale Nelson-

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